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About Us
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About Us

Starting in 2022, Rocket Construction is a locally owned business based out of Eau Claire, WI. At Rocket Construction, we strive to provide the highest quality of services to all of our clients, big or small, with no project too large! Whether you need to remodel or expand your business space, or looking to build a brand new work space or even a multi-family space, Rocket Construction has the knowledge, skills, resources, and drive to make your visions a reality. Our team is ready to take on your “out of this world” dreams!

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 Rocket Construction is here to assist in all aspects of commercial construction, from new builds, remodels and design-build projects, to specific plans and specifications for your business space. We work in all types of commercial settings, such as large-scale manufacturing facilities to smaller, low-scale retail remodels. We do it all.

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Rocket Construction is proud to have been part of numerous multi-family builds over the years, in conjunction with our partner company Held Homes. At Rocket, we not only stay in constant contact with our clients to ensure that our projects are developing without any issues, but we also take pride in the fact that we are a hands-on company who consistently walks through job sites to ensure that all codes, specifications, expectations and deadlines are being met. From large multi-family units to small units, Rocket can succeed.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good in a specific field. It is the surpassing of ordinary standards and consistently delivering superior results. Excellence is not a characteristic that comes naturally, rather, it is a mindset of continuous improvement with unwavering commitment to constantly provide the best quality of work within a field of study or work. Excellence is not only an outcome of hard work, but it is a voyage that can be completed with passion, effort, and resilience.


At Rocket Construction, we strive to meet excellence inside and outside of work when it comes to our clients and our projects. Always making sure that our clients needs are met, and that our projects are being completed to the utmost quality and with great attention to detail. We stop at nothing and are continually improving ourselves so that excellence can be and is achieved.


With blood, sweat, and tears, Rocket Construction is here to put in the work with passion, effort, and resilience to make sure your dreams are completed with our construction excellence. Let Rocket Construction prove to you what excellence looks like in our field of work.

Justin Held

Justin Held

Founder, Rocket Construction

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


Commercial Construction

Residential Construction


Special Projects

Design Build

Site Management


Charlotte's Bridal

"Rocket Construction was fantastic to work with for my building renovation.  I highly recommend Jamie Kramer as a project manager. Jamie along with Marco and Aaron of Rocket Construction have gone above and beyond to complete my project. Justin has built a fantastic team. Charlotte’s Bridal is a 5000 square-foot building that needed 100% renovation. The building had been left vacant for some time. Everything from the roof to plumbing needed to be fixed. I was astonished when they came back with a timeline of 58 days. During the process I added projects and they still completed within their timeline. Jamie had suggestions and ideas that I didn’t even know were possible within my budget. Their expertise in the construction business is invaluable to me. Nothing was too small or too big for them to complete. After the completion they have checked in with me consistently to make sure I am happy with the renovation. I would call Rocket for all of your construction needs!" 

~ Jennifer Walker


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